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Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 27, 1992. At St.Marys Hospital. After 20 hours of labor she was a heathy 7lb 11oz baby girl. The sun had not been out for weeks and the day she was born was so sunny, everyone that visited us in the hospital called her little sunshine.
September 1997
Sofia started Kindergarten at the brand new Whittier Community School for the Arts.
Started 6th grade at San Miguel Middle School. She worked hard to learn new things. We moved into a house she loved the new freedom of living in a better neighborhood, walking her dog Rosco and riding her bike to her Nana's house.
Started 2005 at San Miguel Middle School in 7th grade. Finished in the spring. She wanted to go to a bigger school and try living with her Dad, Step-Mom and 2 little sisters. Over Summer we decided to let her try Stillwater Jr. High, she loved it and thrived, made the B Honor roll. She loved her friends, cheerleading, her sisters, and School. It was a special treat to spend weekends in Minneapolis with Mom. She had the best of both worlds, sisters with her Dad and an only child with her Mom.

Passed away on December 17, 2005 at the age of 13.
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