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A poem  / Mom

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s day and what would I say
I would give you a hug and say I am ok
I have watched over you since I have gone
To give you strength and make you strong
You did not know nor could you see
The terrible tragedy that would happen to me
The many days and night that you cried
You could not see me but I was at your side
Your grief so raw you could not see
You blamed yourself for my destiny
Nothing could be done that could change my fate
For God above was the one that chose my date
He knew the love that you gave me
So he sent his Angels to set me free
I may be gone this you know
You just can’t seem to let me go
I only wish that you could see
Mom my love for you is for eternity

Robert Walters Sr.

Happy birthday Sofia xx  / Georgie-Holly Clarke Mum

Wishing a beautiful angel a happy heavenly birthday. My love also to your family on this day xx.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Sofia  / Dawn, Stepmom Of Alexis Farmer (someone who cares )
Happy Heavenly Birthday  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross

Happy Heavenly Birthday Sofia
Stay close to your precious family a
and send them special Angel Hug

Happy Birthday Sofia  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor)

A Mother's Day Thought From Sofia  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor)

I Love You.  / Nicole Neurer (Friend)
Sofia, I love you so much. There's 10 days until your birthday. I have been thinking of you a lot, every day. I still can't believe it's already been 1 year and some since you died. I don't even remember the summer, without you. Honestly, I can't remember anything from the time you died and all of a sudden, school was starting again- but you weren't there. It was so weird. If I don't get a chance to say this on your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You'd be 15. Learning to drive, going to parties, everything. It's so hard to believe your not here anymore- I can't believe you died so soon, it's so unfair. Every day, I wake up and pray that this is all a horrible dream and you'll be at school that day, but every day I'm disappointed. I know your in a better place, but no matter where you are, I wish you were still here with your friends and family. You were so nice, it's hard to imagine. It's unfair- all the people in this world who deserve to die [[terrorists, murderers, etc.]], they don't die. But you, the girl who didn't do anything to anyone and was just a happy girl, had to die. We will make sure something special happens on your birthday, don't worry. We all love you and miss you greatly. I love you Sofia, you don't even know. <333 ~Nicole Neurer.
Easter Wishes  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor)

Thinking of you/Easter Blessings  / Cherrei Mom Of Angel Dusttin Duncan
Sofia is so beautiful. Fly high with the other Angels Sofia. Sending you many hugs and many hugs to your family. 
Lots of love, and big hugs!
What a beautiful girl Sofia is!  / Laurie Dreier (Jake's mom )  Read >>
What a beautiful girl Sofia is!  / Laurie Dreier (Jake's mom )
I happened upon Sofia's site when I noticed what took her from you.  She is stunningly beautiful!  It is easy to see the inner beauty, also, glowing forth from her!  My heart just goes out to you.  Such a heart beaking, sudden, shocking earth-shattering loss!  My stomach just knoted up as I read your account of being at the hospital.  It is similar to how we lost our 18 year old son a year ago - bacterial meningitus.  He was sick with what we thought was the same flu his brother had two days earlier.  By the time we knew it was not, he was gone in less than two hours. 

Sofia will be forever in your heart, and forever present in the world as she continues to love and accomplish wonderful things with all the talents and gifts God gave her in a mysterious way beyond our human understanding.  Peace be with you! Close
Fifteen Months  / Mom   Read >>
Fifteen Months  / Mom
Today it has been fifteen months since you left this earth, I wish you were here. You should be here to see your 15th birthday, to see your sisters grow up and start school. Oh honey you must know how much you are loved and missed by all of us. Aaron almost blew himself up last week and asked me to thank you for looking out for him, ha I hope you are looking out for us I feel like you do. I think you and Grandpa are having fun and being free spirits with all of our ancestors up in heaven. Having a great St. Patricks Day! Close
An Irish Blessing  / Jo-Ann~mom Of Angel~Lauren Pacenta (friend of mom )  Read >>
An Irish Blessing  / Jo-Ann~mom Of Angel~Lauren Pacenta (friend of mom )
May you always walk in sunshine
May you never want for more
May Irish angels rest their wings
right beside your door.

Thinking of You

Thinking of you  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Mom Of Angel Lauren (Angel mom )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Mom Of Angel Lauren (Angel mom )
I like this and thought of you and Sofia.

Loss / Mom   Read >>
Loss / Mom
Well Sofia , We lost 2 Grandparents this month. your Great-Grandparents. Vern and Alice have joined you in heaven. Oh do I envy them, but I know my time has to come before I can be there with you. I wish you all the comforts, and love that I am sure are there for you all. As well all of the children of those I have met thru the groups I have joined. I believe the bereaved parents that come together and support eachother, our Angels get to know each other too. 
Thank you for being in my dreams and thoughts, as a constant in my life, if not on earth in heaven. Any way I can have you I will take you. In love and sadness. I will love you with every heartbeat and every breath I take. Untill the last, and I fear not for after the last breath on earth I will be forever with you in Heaven.
Yours forever,
Mom Close
Dearest Molly  / Mitch Carmody (bereaved parent )  Read >>
Dearest Molly  / Mitch Carmody (bereaved parent )
Know that Barb and I both as well as staff at Lakeview remembered Sofia, and held you in our hearts on Sunday as you marked your first year withought her physical presence in your arms.  Thinking of your often.   I want to share a poem from my book.

Love Me, Never Leave me

My God I need your presence
like I never have before
my healing is slow an painful
with memories behind every door.

This time of year
will never be the same
for my family and for the many friends
of my dear son who was slain.

The summer is beginning
young graduates are everywhere
Tunes of Pomp and circumstance
ring loudly in the air.

Commencement ceremonies carry on
as my tears flow in streams
proud parents unaware
of my pain of unrealized dreams.

Unware of my inner pain
that sears the soul in grief
mourning for the life of my son
whose time here was much too brief.

His physical life was removed
stolen from me in his prime
never to know his kiss again
or feel his love sublime.

I feel so damn cheated
A deep sadness covers my heart
please let the time pass quickly
and I can make another start.

Start my second year of healing
learning to live again
to climb through this fog of sorrow
and where my life has been.

I forgive my son for dying
I will let his spirit fly
release the anger still in my heart
no longer asking why.

I know there are no answers
that I can and will endorse
my life goals have now been changed
on a totally different course.

I know not where I am going
so God please lead the way
help me again find the strength
to greet another day.

Hold on to me dear Lord
wrap me in your loving arms
I feel so alone and helpless
life has lost all its charms.

I know countless others
who have also endured this pain
their sons and daughters lost in war
or cancerous cells gone insane.

No matter when our children are taken
it will always be unfair
when they depart this earth before us
and leave us in dark despair.

So grant me Lord
those special moments that only you can give
that can alleviate my sorrow
and I can begin again to live.

To live my life in it’s altered course
and do the things that I can
just being able to function at all
is proof that you have a plan.

So God, love me never leave me
I need you everyday
I feel your loving presence
whenever I sit and pray.

And when I pray to you my Lord
I feel Kelly’s presence in my heart
thank you for that gift
and the peace that it imparts.
 Mitch Carmody Close
Sofia's Angelversary  / Loni Wendt (Angel Mom )  Read >>
Sofia's Angelversary  / Loni Wendt (Angel Mom )
I am so sorry for your loss. I will light my candle tonight in memory of Sofia and the day she received her wings. Know that she is always with you watching over you and sending you her love. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Close
Thinking of you  / Jo-Ann Pacenta   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jo-Ann Pacenta
My thoughts and prayers are with you as Sofia's angel date approaches, and my heart goes out to her loving family.
How have I made it this far?  / Mom   Read >>
How have I made it this far?  / Mom
It's a week from the one year mark of you leaving this earth. I am not sure how we have all made it this far without you. I miss you so much it hurts. Tonight is the candle lighting at 7 I will be there to Light a candle for you, may your light shine bright in heaven. As my love for you shines forever. Close
Thoughts of you during this holiday season  / Jo-Ann Pacenta   Read >>
Thoughts of you during this holiday season  / Jo-Ann Pacenta
May the blessings of this holiday season bring peace and comfort to you and your family now and throughout the coming months. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless you all
Lauren's mom - always and forever
The big jip  / Mom   Read >>
The big jip  / Mom
We were robbed! We lost our future, our hope. Sofia you should have been here, to enter 9th grade and be with your friends, excited and proud. Oh you are missed with every day and every breath, you are missed. Close
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