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No words can explain  / Pam Johnston (Angel Mom )

There are no words that could ever explain the pain that you are feeling and will feel forever.  Please know that there are many of us that are walking in these shoes Molly and we are here for you. I truley believe that is what has helped me through each day.  My heart aches for you and your family, Sofia has only been an Angel a short time but I'm sure it feels like an eternity. My son Colin has been gone since 4/2/05 and I still feel the pain and ache of him not being here every morning and night and I don't know how I've made it but here I am. 
I pray for you and your family and your beautiful daughter Sofia.

~embraces you and knows your pain...  / Sheila Jenkins (angelmom to Andi Rae )
I am so sorry that you have lost Sofia, she is a very beautiful girl. I know the pain you are going through. I lost my own daughter who was 19. All I can think of is what beautiful angels they make. I am sure my Andi Rae was there to meet your Sofia. Keep remembering the good memories.
Prayers and hugs  / Krista Salvati
Sofia is such a beautiful young lady.  My heart breaks and my prayers go out to you all.  hugs, Krista, mom to Angel Zackary
So Sorry  / Leonie Kirwan (None)
So sorry to hear of your loss, ((((((HuGS))))))
Leonie (Forever Jacks mum)
To A Beautiful Angel  / Laurie Meiresonne (Friend)
I am so very sorry for your loss.  Sofia sounds like such a wonderful girl and so full of life.  Her bright light will be shining down from heaven until you are with her again.  Sending much love your way.
Sofia / Bev Peplinsky (grammy)
We will always love you.
Condolences / Patty Pippenger
I just saw your post about Sofia on Angel Moms.  I am from Wausau, Wisconsin.  My 13-year old son was killed on December 5, 2005 when he was run over by his school bus in front of our house.  I know what you are feeling.  It is the most terrible thing to lose a child.  I don't know how Sofia died, but I am sure she is in a wonderful place now, more wonderful than we could imagine.  Sofia was a beautiful girl.

God Bless.  You can e-mail me if you want to talk.
Molly / Kelly Henderson (angelmom)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Sofia with me. I'm so sorry for your loss. May God comfort, and bless you. Hugs, Kelly and angel Valerie
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